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Your County Needs You! Volunteers?

Avon Tennis offers numerous opportunities for individuals to help with the delivery of tennis activities throughout the year. These include:

  • coordinating responses to tennis events and competitions
  • maintaining information about clubs, coaches and players
  • helping to organise and deliver events
  • act as a host to improve the visitor experience
  • photograph/video events
  • general administrative support

So, what are the benefits of helping?

Volunteering provides an opportunity to improve on your current skills as well as create new ones, such as leadership, teamwork and organisational skills.  You will also meet new people. Being part of a group of volunteers is like being in a close-knit team and social interaction is one of the main reasons why people volunteer in sport.

If you are able to give some of your valuable time, be it an hour a week or for a particular event, to helping in any way please email tennis@avontennis.org.uk with your personal details. As some of the work would mean working with young people an LTA DBS check will be required.

Specific Vacancies

  • Mental Health Officer - Avon Tennis is keen to support those suffering or experiencing anxiety or mental health issues that might affect the provision of tennis in their settings. To this end, we are seeking a qualified and experienced volunteer/point of contact able to offer practical advice and assistance in this area.
  • Padel Representative - As Padel tennis increases its footprint across the UK, Avon Tennis is keen to have an individual who would be the local contact who would liaise with the LTA and respond to queries arising from clubs and venues.