Avon Schools Tennis Championships

Avon Schools Tennis Championships 2023

It is with regret that Avon Tennis has decided not to run the Avon Schools Tennis Championships this year.

The LTA is promoting its Youth Schools events across the same age groups as our tournament, and has also relaunched its Play Your Way to Wimbledon for juniors from across the UK. This, along with additional Bank Holidays during May, school exams and referee commitments meant we were unable to find a suitable date for our tournament and make it work successfully.

Avon Tennis remains committed to promoting junior and youth tennis and a working group is being set up to determine what we can do to encourage more tennis in senior schools, particularly those with links to local coaches and clubs.

If you have any queries, please contact: schools@avontennis.org.uk

For information the 2022 Seniors Winners and Runners-Up were:

  • 14U Boys Singles - Winners: Colstons Collegiate; Runners-up: Colstons Collegiate
  • 14U Girls Singles - Winners: Colstons Collegiate; Runners-up: Prior Park College
  • 14U Boys Doubles - Winners: Colstons Collegiate; Runners-up: QEH
  • 14U Girls Doubles - Winners: Prior Park College; Runners-up: Colstons Collegiate
  • 16U Boys Doubles - Winners: Churchill; Runners-up: Clifton College
  • 16U Girls Doubles - Winners: Colstons Collegiate; Runners-up: Montpellier High

Any questions? Please contact: schools@avontennis.org.uk