Tennis Officials Bursary Scheme


Avon Tennis is committed to “open up” tennis and make the opportunities for playing in competitions accessible and more readily available. This includes all grades, ages and forms of tennis, including disability and those with special needs.

However, to help improve the spread of local opportunities and increase the number of competitions available in Avon we need to grow the number of organisers and officials.

To assist with this growth Avon Tennis will provide a 100% bursary towards the cost of training. Therefore, if you are over 16 and would like to take the first step or even take a further step Avon Tennis is offering the following:

  • Tennis Competition Organiser – a 3-hour online course (via Zoom) learning about: competition frameworks, ratings & rankings; running a competition; formal/informal competition formats; and, creating the best competition experience. This will allow you to organise competitions at a recreational level and LTA graded (levels 6 & 7) events. Cost of the course = £25.

    • Avon Tennis Bursary £25 (100%) once completed.
  • Tennis Court Supervisor – a 3-hour FREE online course which will cover: the role of a court supervisor; code of conduct; line call disputes; and, score disputes. This course is assessed by a timed exam and, once passed you qualify as an LTA Court Supervisor.

  • Tennis Referee – a 2-day course plus a mentored experience at a competition. As a pre-requisite for this course, you must have completed the Competition Organiser course and the pre-course reading. The course includes: tennis rules; code of conduct; refereeing duties; role of court supervisors; handling disputes; and, tournament organisation. This will enable you to referee and organise mini-tennis, Matchplay and LTA graded (levels 4, 5, 6 & 7) events. Cost of the course = £75.

    • Avon Tennis Bursary £75 (100%) once completed.


Please, initially, look at the LTA’s Tennis Officials website page for more information and then find and book a course.

Avon Tennis Bursary

If you are over 16 and live in Avon you can apply by completing the application form, which includes your commitment to supporting Avon Tennis and the ongoing delivery of tennis competitions in the area. The completed application should be emailed to

You’ll also be asked to become an LTA Accredited Official and maintain your Accreditation for a minimum period of three years.

The application needs to be approved prior to the course starting and you will be paid the agreed bursary on qualification.