Avon Tennis Development Coach Award Winner - Will Hardiman, Henleaze TC

Congratulations to Will Hardiman, Development Coach Tennis Award Winner.

We asked Will a few questions to learn more about what brought him to the tennis world.

Let's dive in:

When did you start playing tennis?

"I started playing tennis when I was 10, quite late relatively, to most kids nowadays. My Dad was a tennis player and I remember watching the Bristol Open, or another professional event, (maybe it was a challenger tournament) that used to be held at Redland and being keen to give tennis a go."

What do you like about tennis?

"I like the movement/athleticism aspect of tennis, and how each player has a slightly different style and pattern of play. It is also quite an elegant sport, which if played well, looks effortless."

What clubs have you been a member of and have played at?

"I began tennis coaching when I was 17/18 at David Lloyd Long Ashton, in my year out before going to Cardiff Uni. Then coached at Coombe Dingle in my early 20s. After that, I worked at Bishop Sutton for 5 or so years, where I really 'learnt my trade' so to speak. It was my first realisation of the possibilities and enjoyment of running a successful coaching programme at an outdoor club. I really like running adult and junior groups and I view it as a performance, a presentation and a great joy to try engage your groups and teach them on the court. When I learnt how to get players trust and respect, tennis coaching became really fun and my confidence grew. It was then I believed I could have a career in tennis coaching."

What do you like about the tennis 'scene'?

"I like the characters in tennis. The more the merrier! It is more entertaining to watch, and great to have players like Kyrios, then on the opposite end of the spectrum, Djokovic."