First ever 8U County Cup. Avon’s next generation didn’t disappoint!

Fabulous report. Well done Team Avon 8U!

8U County Cup, 27th March 2022

The 8U County Teams went to Taunton on Sunday for the 1st 8U County Cup; as a trial event we didn’t know what to expect, but we were not disappointed!

We were lucky that Cornwall had withdrawn their team from the event a couple of weeks ago; allowing us to field 2 girls and 2 boys teams. With squad sizes of 5, and one last minute drop out (unfortunately Avon A player Grace was ill), this meant Avon had 19 8U players representing the county on the day which was absolutely fantastic to see.

On arrival, Taunton had a very festival like feel, with music and balloons – a very welcoming environment for our players. Tournament referee Debbie was fantastic from the off, and ran a fabulous event.

In our box alongside our teams of Avon A and Avon B were Somerset and Devon boys and girls teams. The format was round robin against each county with a round of girls singles, followed by boys singles and then a 2nd round of the same. Once all the singles fixtures verses every county was completed we then went again with doubles (2 matches per fixture for each county). So in total we played 10 matches against each county.

Avon A girls Ava, Joanna, Rebeka, Zoe and Avon A boys made up of Austin, Ruben B-D, Pete, Pawel and Seb took on Somerset in the first round. At the same time Avon B girls Michaela, Angie, Anais, Ellie and Alice and boys Sam O, James, Ruben G, Sam P and Thomas took on Devon. When the players were not on they supported really well and had a great sociable time around the matches, which was great to see. In Round 1 Avon A girls beat Somerset girls in a clean sweep 8-0 with the boys only dropping one rubber to go ahead 7-1. For the B teams the girls the girls had a strong start leading 5-3 after singles and the boys following some very tightly contested matches, finished the singles at 4-4.

Into round 2 where we switched opponents with Avon A’s verses Devon and Avon B’s verses Somerset. Avon A team again looked strong, finishing the singles 7-1 up in both the boys and the girls matches. In the Avon B verses Somerset game some tighter matches left the fixture at 4-4 in both the boys and girls competition so lots to play for in the doubles!

The 3rd round had our teams playing each other. We all got together for a team chat and reminded the players how really we were one big team and we must make sure to keep good sportsmanship throughout and everyone absolutely did. It was fantastic! Unfortunately we had an injured Michaela in the first round of singles. She had to retire from the match and the rest of the day.

There were some terrific close matches, and the Avon A team girls took them all, so went into the doubles 8-0 up. The boys singles was incredibly tightly fought with the singles going to 4-4 at the end of the round, a testament to the strength and depth in the squad.

Onto the doubles! With the help of some great assistants such as Terry Song who helped the whole day, the players at least started to grasp the rules of doubles (a doubles tiebreak is the most confusing set up in tennis!) and some were brilliant at helping their partners know where to go and what to do.

We returned to the first fixtures so the As played Somerset and the Bs played Devon. Avon A girls swept both doubles to win the match 10-0 final score. Avon A boys similarly swept both matches therefore beating Somerset 9-1 in total. For the B girls and the B boys unfortunately both teams lost both doubles meaning the final score was 5-5 draw for the girls and 6-4 to Devon in the boys.

The second doubles fixture had both the A girls and boys draw the doubles 1-1 with Devon resulting in an 8-2 overall win for both teams. Both B teams did brilliantly and took wins in both doubles in girls and boys verses Somerset to take both those fixtures 6-4.

So the last round had our teams face off against each other in doubles. The girls took one each meaning the final score was 9-1 to the A’s, whereas in the boys the A’s swept both doubles edging them to win the fixture 6-4.

After a very long and hard fought day the standings were as follows:


  1. Avon A
  2. Devon
  3. Avon B (3rd by 1 rubber, almost came 2nd!)
  4. Somerset


  1. Avon A
  2. Devon
  3. Avon B
  4. Somerset

It was an absolute privilege to captain these 8u players at this event. Although the Avon A teams won; that is fantastic and they deserve it, I was more proud as a captain of how all 19 players supported each other, worked hard in every match and had a good time socialising.

Hats off to the parents too for giving up their Mother’s Day, behaving on the balcony and just leaving the kids to it! Lastly big thanks to Lizzie’s efforts as captain on the day, Lauren for the support on the day and Pete for his work as captain with the players in the county squads.

Overall exceptional performance from all our 8U Avon County Players- well done everyone!