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Defibrillator Support Scheme

".... then I just collapsed onto the court .... apparently not breathing, heart not pumping, no pulse!”

Yes, it can happen to anyone of us........ please read Alan's life saving story from July 2022 - https://www.avontennis.org.uk/files/alan-gammon-final-29.06.23.pdf

Does your club have or have access to a Defibrillator?

Periodically clubs consider purchasing and installing an Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) but are often put off because of the perceived costs and technical requirements of installation and operation.

With advances in technology making the operation of defibrillators easier to use the LTA has negotiated a discount off the cost for registered tennis venues. However, with a number of clubs in Avon enquiring about this potentially lifesaving equipment we are pleased to provide more information and provide further financial support.

  • The company the LTA have been working with is Wel Medical

  • The current cost of the defibrillator is £1,325 plus VAT, however:

    • The LTA has negotiated a price of £750 plus VAT
    • Avon Tennis will reimburse £450 once the AED has been paid and installed.
  • The total cost would therefore be £300, plus the VAT element.

  • Familiarisation by Wel Medical to club volunteers/member (30/45 minutes) is Free

  • Ongoing maintenance cost = Free

If you would like to know more log-in on the Wel Medical dedicated website - https://www.tennisdefibs.org/   NB: There is no commitment by doing this.

For those Clubs who would require a lockable outside cabinet, if to be accessed 24/7, and/or fixings, the WelMedical website will provide more details and guidance.

Leaflets of the recommended Defibrillator and Safe are below: