Become a Member of Avon Tennis

Following changes to the LTA's governance structure Avon Tennis, like all tennis County Associations, now needs to manage and own its own membership process and set out the benefits of being a member.

The LTA considers local County Associations form an essential part of the tennis landscape as they act as a conduit to ensure clubs, coaches and players maintain links with each other within their geographical area, and provide value through the services and benefits they can offer. Whilst there is no compulsion to join Avon Tennis there are a number of distinctive benefits in doing so.

Unfortunately to be a registered member of the LTA does not automatically mean a Club or a sporting venue is a member of Avon Tennis as in the past.

What are the benefits that Avon Tennis can Offer a tennis club?

  • the right for LTA registered venues to enter the Avon Tennis Leagues (summer, late summer and winter leagues)
  • financial support for capital projects, outreach programmes and bursaries (subject to certain terms and conditions)
  • assistance with coach recruitment
  • ability to nominate players for County run teams across a wide variety of age groups
  • access to our volunteers and administration staff to consult on a range of tennis matters
  • opportunity to attend venue and coach forums organised by and within Avon
  • ability to post news on our Avon Tennis website and social media platforms
  • to be part of Avon Tennis and attend AGMs/EGMs to discuss and vote on tennis matters
  • to nominate Officers to the Avon Tennis Executive Committee
  • access to the annual Avon Tennis and LTA Awards programme
  • advice on safeguarding, welfare, inclusion and "open court" matters

Can schools and local/parish authorities join?

Although schools, local and parish authorities do not receive a voting membership of Avon Tennis we are still able to provide support services as follows:

  • information, advice and news on various aspects of tennis within the county
  • phone and email access to administrative staff
  • access to the annual LTA Awards programme

How much will it cost?

Avon Tennis has decided not to charge any fee during 2023/24 (other County Associations have decided otherwise) ...... so its FREE to join.

Great, how does my club join?

Just click on this **LINK **and complete the information requested.

Once processed we will forward confirmation of membership which will last until 30 September 2024.